Lorigen understands the importance of Community, and we work hard to keep our bond with the communities we serve.  Our outreach programs have helped countless people suffering the pains and hardships of addiction by combating the disease at the genetic level.  We also offer support networks and meet-ups for those who find that, even after recovery, adapting to a new way of living can be difficult and frustrating.  Luckily, we can offer guidance and support.

In other communities, like the African countries where we have a presence, we have attacked the problem of hunger head on with the help of numerous aid groups and NGOs.  Our scientists were the innovative minds behind a radical new approach to fighting the hunger which has swept the continent: instead of straining to move scarce resources around a hostile land, we have donated millions of doses of genetic therapies that allow people to survive much longer without food and water.  These new drugs make it possible to survive for up to weeks without water, and for almost sixteen months on as little as 50 calories per day.  Sound crazy?  Maybe it is- but it’s also helping.  The number of deaths from hunger have dropped almost 40% in two years and continues to improve.

Our genetic vaccines and therapies are eradicating some of the worst epidemics across the world as well.  HIV has dropped almost to statistical insignificance (though we’ll continue attacking it) and disease like River Blindness, Malaria, and Dengue Fever have become unpleasant memories.  Next year is predicted to be the first on record that spending on education initiatives in third-world nations will outpace spending on health initiatives.  An arbitrary change of priority?  Not at all- there’s just no sense spending so much money on problems that are largely being resolved.  And they’re being resolved, in part, because of the scientists at Lorigen.