Eye color?  There’s a gene for that.  Muscle build?  There’s a gene for that.  Gender?  Yep- there’s a gene for that too.  In fact, for almost any trait you can imagine, there’s a gene (or gene-set) which controls how it manifests itself.  Lorigen has spent years and many millions of dollars to sequence and decode the human genome and discover the secrets it harbors.  So far, we’ve mapped and patented over 250 trait-determinants which we can offer you as  à la carte options on our Gene-For® menu.  Check out the list below for a sampling of what we can do, or stop in and see one of our specialists for a more comprehensive list.

Phsyical Traits

Eye Color • Hair Color • Symmetry • Skin Pigmentation • Bone Density • Vision • Hearing • Weight • Height

Intellectual Traits

Mathematical Functions • Abstract Thinking • Musical Aptitude • Memory • Multi-tasking Capabilities • Associative Abilities • Concentration

Emotional Traits

Self-Esteem • Empathy • Self-Reliance • Resilience • Attachment Ability • Ethical Functions

Athletic Abilities

Coordination • Strength • Agility • Body Mass Index • Reflexes • Endurance

Social Traits

Honesty • Integrity • Morality • Wit • Humor • Attitude • Vision • Intuition • Interest in Culture • Faith