What exactly do we mean when we say “Enhancement”?  To start with, we are talking about overcoming what have historically been the limits of the human mind and body.  Thanks to advances in Human enhancement technologies (HET) Lorigen is not only able to improve humans with health problems or disorders, but also to improve the abilities of those who under most circumstances would be considered “normal”.  For instance, it is now possible through sophisticated gene therapies to improve human eyesight beyond what used to be considered perfect 20/20 vision.  That means that there are now people who can see much greater distances than ever before, and can even see quite well in the dark.  How is that possible?  For one thing, Lorigen has identified the gene-sets that interact to form vision.  However, sometimes in these interactions other genes which are part of the same set can actually inhibit certain traits from coming to fruition.  While you might be tempted to simply “turn off” those inhibiting genes, they serve other purposes that might be adversely affected.  Instead, we’ve pioneered genetic algorithms which allow us to interrupt only those interactions which are creating the conflicts that inhibit the processes we want to improve.  Sound complicated?  It is!  But don’t worry- our scientists are some of the leading experts in the world, and we adhere to the strictest rules and guidelines in all our testing.  Nothing leaves our labs or reaches our customers without the highest quality and safety ratings.  So come on in and talk to a specialist today!  It’s safe, it’s effective, and we think you’ll be amazed when your hear how much we can do for you and your kids!

It’s Not Luck.  It’s Lorigen.™