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Gene Therapy Shows Its Muscle

SEATTLE — A gene therapy that has been shown in rats to double muscle strength and power could illegally be used to build super athletes, a researcher said Monday. Sports officials are looking for ways to detect the genetic manipulation.

Gene Therapy Shows Its Muscle on Wired.

Designer Babies in Thailand

Selecting the sex of your babies is illegal in most countries, but not in Thailand.  This is just one “feature” driving the increase in medical tourism in the region.  It is especially enticing for Chinese citizens pressured by their government to limit the number of offspring under the country’s one-child policy.  While some have voiced concern over this new trend, it’s surely better than the female infanticide which has grown in popularity in cultures where male children are perceived as more desirable. Isn’t it?

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J. Craig Venter - In the Genome Race, the Sequel Is Personal

J. Craig Venter has announced that his new decoded genome is much higher quality than the government funded version.  This has become the new standard for most of the industry as it offers much greater insight into the differences in the genome as expressed in individuals.  This is one of the many tools we have used at Lorigen to isolate specific traits, and is the basis of our Gene-For® a la menu options.

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NY Times Article.

Juan Enriquez on genomics and our future

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Aubrey de Grey on Avoiding Aging

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The Right to Patent a Human Being: Fact, Fiction, or Future Possibility? |

There are fears that some patents relating to animal cloning may be so broadly written as to allow for the patenting of human cloning processes as well.  We believe these fears are unfounded.  We have always maintained publicly that what we do here at Lorigen isn’t cloning and is limited to human enhancement.  Furthermore, we believe thatthese technologies, including the limited cloning of human organs for donor purposes are important add to the quality of human life.  To that end we also believe that the benefits far outweigh any ethical considerations which have been put forth.  However, in the interest of transparency, we are posting the article below and we feel that it is important for people to understand these issues so that we may properly address them as they come up.

The Right to Patent a Human Being: Fact, Fiction, or Future Possibility? |

Technology Review: Gene-Testing Machine for Doctors

This semi-new device allows doctors to screen patients’ blood for genetic indications which will help in making decisions about prescriptions.  In a matter of hours your physician can know whether the DNA in your blood sample contains genetic variations which might dampen the effects of certain drugs.  Better to know in the office, rather than days later when you’re suffering from side-effects or, more likely, getting nothing from the medicine you’ve been taking for days or weeks at high prescription prices…

Technology Review: Gene-Testing Machine for Doctors.

Junk DNA Can Revive and Cause Disease, Study Finds

Leftover scraps of DNA hanging around our genome can be bad for our health.  Lorigen is currently working on products that will “clean up” these nasty bits, and will unveil them soon.  Until then, you can read about how exactly these rogue chromosomes can affect your health.

Junk DNA Can Revive and Cause Disease, Study Finds