Company History

From our humble origins as a small, privately owned biotechnology research startup in the early 1980s to the global genetics and bioinformatics leader we’ve become today, our eyes have always been on the future.

Our merger in 2008 with the Mantica Group gave us access to the capital and research archives we needed to surge ahead technologically. Since then we have used those resources and the man-power we’ve cultivated in our scientists and lab workers to improve health, longevity, and happiness across the globe. From antibiotics used to resolve the malaria crisis, to genetic vaccines which have stopped dengue fever and HIV in their tracks, we create products that are proven, life-saving, and accessible.

Given this track record, it might seem inevitable that the next step for us would lead toward genetic medicine and ultimately into enhancement, and indeed it has. Our research into gene-folding and synthetic DNA have led to astonishing breakthroughs once thought impossible. And our genetic medicine division just keeps innovating and improving. With so much advanced research already showing results, what more could the future hold?

For starters, our bioinformatics division is working on new products which, for the first time in human history, will allow us to unlock the hidden information buried in every human being’s DNA, with the ultimate goal being to create a biological interface between you and your genetic ancestry. Sound like science fiction? Believe us when we say that the next decade is going to bring some startling advances that will have far-reaching benefits for mankind.

Onward Together®